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scales of justice The Bart Marcules Law Firm, LLC

The Bart Marcules Law Firm, LLC is a multidiscipline law firm, with a convenient Southwest Missouri location. I provide a broad range of legal services to both individuals and businesses throughout Southwest Missouri, in areas such as, Family Law and Criminal Law, Business Law, DWI & DUI, Traffic Law, Immigration Law, Environmental Law, Aviation Law and Boating and Maritime License Issues.  I represent clients in every level of city, county, state and federal courts. I strive to develop and maintain strong community ties, and I am committed to the pursuit of excellence. I zealously represent my clients and demonstrate the strictest of professional and personal ethics. My office utilizes state of the art technology to ensure my client's matters are handled in the most expeditious an cost-effective manner possible. My approach focuses on each client's background, needs, and goals, to ensure that I meet with my client's expectations, and I am committed to responding promptly to telephone calls, reporting on cases regularly, and minimizing and eliminating risk by informing clients of significant changes in the law. My dedication to quality service, understanding of the law, and respect for my clients creates a solid foundation for long-standing relationships with my clients and the community.

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This law firm treated me as a friend and always explained to me in full detail what was happening with my case. I was also very impressed with how they quickly responded to my phone calls and how courteous they were to me.

Mr. Lynn McDonald