The Best Lawyer For You

The best lawyer for anyone is a lawyer that has a personality that makes their clients feel comfortable and is competent in the area of law needed. I provide a free initial consultation so that you can decide whether or not you feel comfortable and confident using my services without having the pressure of paying to find this out.


Prepare for Initial Consultation

To ensure that the initial consultation goes smoothly, organize all of your documents and notes and bring them with you, and make a list of the questions that you plan on asking. The more one organizes and prepares before this consultation the more that can be accomplished during the free initial consultation.

My Background

I am Bart Augustin Marcules (BAM) and I grew up in Southwest Missouri. I grew up on a large farm outside of Newtonia that grew crops and trees, and raised cows and horses. My whole childhood revolved around farming and the struggles of farming.


I graduated from East Newton High School in 1995 and then went to Crowder College. I graduated from Crowder College in 1996 with an Associate Degree in Business Administration. I then went on to Southwest Missouri State University (Now Missouri State University) and graduated in 1998 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. I then went to the University of Missouri - Columbia where I graduated in 2002 with a Masters Degree in Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate.

Professional Experience

After I graduated from law school I entered the U.S. Coast Guard as a JAG officer. I served four years in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Eighth Coast Guard District which covered 26 states including Missouri. A JAG officer in a district is a multidisciplinary attorney because the clients of an attorney are members and retirees of the Coast Guard and units of the district.

When an attorney is providing legal advice to members it is called legal assistance and covers contracts, real estate issues, personal injuries, immigration, naturalization, domestic relations, insurance, planning and probated of wills and estates, survivors' rights and benefits, social security, landlord/tenant relations, civil rights, indebtedness, bankruptcy, veteran benefits, and Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil Relief Act.

When an attorney is providing legal advice to units such as boat stations, airbases, or sectors it covers marine safety laws and enforcement, military justice as a prosecutor, operational law, criminal law, ethics, administrative law, environmental law, property law, fiscal law, contract law, personnel law, and FOIA. Also provided advice to units concerning immigration, smuggling, environmental crimes, maritime crimes, marine examinations, marine inspections, searches, seizures, and arrests upon the high seas and U.S. waters.

I was also the JAG Officer sent to St. Louis, Missouri to setup the coast guard command center for Hurricane Katrina and dealt with all the legal issues that arose out of that incident until the legal department could be reestablished and then I provided legal assistance to members that had lost a little to everything from the wrath of Hurricane Katrina.

I then left the uniformed side of the Coast Guard and became a civilian Coast Guard Bridge Management Specialist. As a Bridge person I ensured bridge laws, regulations, and orders were followed; provided advice concerning bridge construction, modification, alteration, and drawbridge regulation projects; drafted regulations; verify bridge applicants' environmental assessments or environmental impact statements to ensure compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act; and prepared categorical exclusions, findings of no significant impact, and environmental assessments.


I opened the Bart Marcules Law Firm, LLC. on February 1, 2010 and based on my past experience I selected my Areas of Practice based on what I enjoyed doing the most in my past jobs. I belive in Respect, Honor, and Devotion to Duty, which are the core values of the Coast Guard and values I follow. I also believe in the Coast Guard motto Semper Paratus (Always Prepared). I always work with enthusiasm and I always work diligently, that is why I was successful in the past and will be successful with this law firm.

Answers to Your Questions


I charge $150 an hour, but I also have flat rate fees as follows: $150 for uncontested evictions; starting at $60 for traffic violations; starting at $400 for simple uncontested divorces without children; Starting at $600 for DWI/DUI; and flat rates for immigration services. I believe a client should not be surprised at anytime by the fees that I charge for my services; therefore, during your free initial consultation, fees for my services will be explained fully. Call now to schedule a free initial consultation (417) 781-7600.

Attorney or Self Representation

For example in a divorce or family law case it can involve many different legal issues ranging from real estate law, debt refinancing, insurance, pension, other retirement asset division, child custody and support, taxes, and business ownership division can pose unique problems in any particular case. Your lawyer can help you determine which of your assets are marital property and which are separate property. Your lawyer can advise you as to how the court might divide that property in the event of a trial. Additionally, your lawyer can advise you on how much money, if any, you should accept or offer for maintenance or child support. There is no such thing as a "standard" case. You will find generally that at least one of your friends or co-workers obtained a divorce or defended a case without a lawyer and still regrets it.

When Should You Contact an Attorney

The sooner the better because time can have a dramatic impact on your case. The Statute of Limitations is a deadline that starts to run when you have been injured or have a cause to sue for damages. The Statute of Limitations is different based on the type of case, but one thing is certain and that is the statute of limitations does not stop running until certain actions are taken. Also, there are time limitations for filling appeals with agencies that have cited you for a violation. DWI and DUI violations have a 15 day time limitation to file for an administrative hearing to get your license back. If you are going to use an attorney, it is better to contact one sooner rather than later. Call now for your free initial consultation (417) 781-7600.