Full Service

I offer legal representation for all the areas of law that I practice. This means that you hire me to represent you from the beginning of an issue until the issue is resolved. I provide full service legal representation for the following practice areas:

Limited Service

I offer limited service legal representation for all of the areas of law that I practice. This means you hire me to represent you for a portion of a case or issue and this means you pay less to resolve an issue. I provide limited representation as follows:

  • Legal advice through office visits, telephone calls, fax, mail or e-mail
  • Advise about alternate means of resolving the matter including mediation and arbitration
  • Evaluate the client's self-diagnosis of the case and advise about legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Review pleadings and other documents prepared by you, the client
  • Provide guidance and procedural information regarding filing and serving documents
  • Suggest documents to be prepared
  • Draft pleadings, motions and other documents
  • Perform factual investigations including contacting witnesses, performing public record searches, and conducting an in-depth interview of you, the client
  • Perform legal research and analysis
  • Evaluate settlement options
  • Perform discovery by interrogatories, deposition and requests for admissions
  • Plan for negotiations
  • Plan for court appearances
  • Provide standby telephone assistance during negotiations or settlement conferences
  • Refer you, the client, to expert witnesses, special masters or other attorneys
  • Provide procedural assistance with an appeal
  • Provide substantive legal arguments in an appeal
  • Appear in court for the limited purposes

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