Modification Overview - The Basics

When you sign a divorce agreement, some terms are not set in stone and can be modified. This is because situations can change drastically over time. For example, a former spouse might move abroad, re-marry, or obtain a more lucrative job. In these circumstances, a divorce agreement may need to be modified to accurately reflect these new developments.

Bart Marcules Law Firm, LLC helps clients with the modification of divorce, support or custody decrees. I can demonstrate why your divorce agreement needs to be modified in light of a substantial change in circumstances. If you have been served with such an action by your ex-spouse, I am ready to challenge your ex-spouse's efforts to modify the divorce agreement.

I will always take the time to listen to my client's concerns, explain the law, discuss their options, and clarify a legal plan of action. I feel that this strategy provides clients with much-needed reassurance during otherwise challenging times. I am commitmented to meeting my clients' current needs and future needs.

Modification of Divorce Decrees or Paternity Judgments

It is important for clients to understand that a job loss or minor change in income may not automatically result in modification of a divorce decree. Under Missouri law, modifications may only be granted where any change in circumstances is "so substantial and continuing as to make the terms (of the current agreement) unreasonable." I will work diligently to demonstrate or defend that a substantial change in circumstances has occured to the court.

Common examples of a substantial change in circumstances that may necessitate modification of a child custody, child support or alimony/maintenance order include:

  • An ex-spouse remarrying
  • An ex-spouse either losing their job, acquiring a more lucrative job, or retiring
  • A parent re-locating after acquiring a new job
  • A child no longer requiring child support after turning 18
  • A child requiring additional support after high school due to attending college or a technical school
  • The financial needs or expenses of a child changing over time
  • A parent being accused of abusing the child or being an unfit parent


I will tailor an approach to your specific situation. Whether you are seeking to modify the divorce or paternity agreement or challenge the proposed modification, I will always zealously represent my clients . While the modification of divorce decrees and paternity judgments are a complicated legal issue, I am fully prepared to protect your best interests. Contact me today to schedule a convenient consultation.