Family Law

I handle a full range of Family Law matters including adoption, divorce, premarital agreements, paternity, custody, support, and child abuse. I have extensive experience working with family law matters involving members of the Armed Forces.

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Criminal Law

I handle all types of criminal cases from minor infractions and misdemeanors to the most serious of felony indictments, such as drunk driving, drug possession, narcotics, theft and grand larceny, white collar fraud, embezzlement, sex offenses, arson, and conspiracy.

Traffic Law

I handle a full range of traffic law matters including speeding tickets, stop sign tickets, no insurance, red light tickets, illegal turn, improper lane use, construction zone tickets, failure to appear, warrants, drug possession, MIP (minor in possession of alcohol or drugs), DWI (driving while intoxicated), and DUI (driving under the influence). Don't risk taking convictions and points and don't spend endless hours attending court dockets. Instead have this law firm handle your case.

Why is it important to hire an attorney if you have received a traffic ticket? Why not represent yourself? Because it is important to never let points accumulate on your record. Something unexpected could happen that results in a high number of points. For example, you may get pulled over at a speed trap or DUI check point with your seatbelt off, in addition to the speeding. Points can accumulate quickly, and prior tickets cannot be appealed. It is always easier to fight tickets when you have zero points on your record. I am committed to keeping your insurance rates low, helping you avoid heavy fines and ensuring you keep your driver's license.

Business Law

I assist clients during the formation stage and business planning stage in deciding whether they want to operate as a closely held business, sole proprietor, limited liability company, partnership, or corporation. I advise clients about issues of liability, dissolution, franchising, joint ventures, mergers, shareholder rights and business succession. I also assist clients in the formation of business contracts, review of contracts, and business environmental issues.


I provide representation to both adults and juveniles who are facing DWI (driving while intoxicated) and DUI (driving under the influence) charges. DWI/DUI charges can involve alcohol, drugs and even insulin-deficient driving. I also handle DWI/DUI charges involving ATVs and other off-road recreational vehicles. If you have been arrested for or charged with DWI or DUI, you could face penalties including driver's license suspension, fines and jail time. I strive to minimize the impact these charges and a conviction have on your rights and freedoms.

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    Juvenile Law

    I handle all juvenile matters including juvenile offenses, status offenses, and children in need of supervision. Whether your child is charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or other delinquent conduct, I can provide valuable representation and advice.

    Consumer Law

    I help clients by providing zealous advocacy to consumers subjected to unfair business, industry and trade practices. I represent consumers in individual actions, especially in the areas of unlawful credit reporting, credit repair and debt collection practices, unfair trade practices, breach of warranty, truth-in-lending and other consumer matters.

    Contract Law

    I assist clients by drafting contracts that meet their needs and I review contracts for issues that may arise in the future. I also can help clients understand their rights under existing contracts and help clients from negotiations all the way through a trial to remedy any contractual issues or breaches.

    Landlord-Tenant Law

    I provide legal services to landlords and property managers in Southwest Missouri. My services include filing and prosecuting eviction and collection lawsuits against tenants and former tenants, defending lawsuits and discrimination complaints filed by tenants, drafting or reviewing leasing forms and other forms and notices that are required by landlords and property managers, as well as garnishing wages and bank accounts to collect judgments against tenants.

    Immigration Law

    I provide affordable immigration legal services to my clients to aid them in procuring green cards, citizenship and visas of various types. I also assist my clients in meeting all other immigration needs whether they are applying for a work permit, replacing a lost I-94 card, applying to preserve residence, applying for a U.S. passport or certificate of citizenship and other immigration issues.

    Agricultural Law

    I provide legal services covering a broad range of agricultural legal issues. Whether you are a producer, processor, distributor or co-op, I can help you with the legal aspects of your business, including business organization, business contracts, employment law issues, USDA compliance issues, environmental law concerns, land use and zoning, permits, exported goods, crop loans, financing and other agricultural legal issues.

    Environmental Law

    I handle environmental issues surrounding the permitting processes required by agencies; however, after working for many years in the federal government I will say the best strategy to environmental permitting is advance planning. Advanced planning will help avoid unnecessary bureaucratic delay due to not submitting complete permit packages that are either rejected or put on hold in the forgotten pile.

    I also provide advice and counsel to clients concerning how to comply with pollution statutes and regulations.

    Military Law

    As a former JAG officer, I understand the issues military members face, especially after deployment. If you are a current or former military member and have an issue that pertains to your military rights or background or need defense in an administrative hearing or courts martial, contact me.

    Boat Law and Maritime License Issues

    I handle all types of infractions or tickets received while pleasure boating on Missouri waters. I also handle all legal issues that are related to Coast Guard licenses anywhere in the United States. I specialize in suspension and revocation hearings against mariners. Before you accept an offer by the Coast Guard with regards to suspension of your license, call me so that we can discuss your case.

    General Law

    In addition to the above practice areas, I assist clients with legal issues that are not in a defined area of law. I assist people with negotiations, legal risk assesment, understanding legal rights, liability issues, and other general law questions and issues. I also handle civil lawsuits that pertain to my areas of practice.